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A Brief Review about David Beckham 40 Tattoos with Pictures

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If we talk about celebrities who inked tattoos on their bodies than we can’t ignore David Beckham. He is one of the craziest tattoo boy in the England. David Beckham almost inked 40 different and unique tattoos on his body. According to David Beckham, each and every single tattoo mean a lot for him. In this article we will discuss all these 40 David Beckham Tattoos briefly.

David Robert Joseph Beckham is a famous retired football player from England. Actually he is the best football player ever produced by English team. He was a part of Manchester United, Preston North End, Real Madrid, Milan, LA Galaxy, Paris Saint-Germain and England’s national football team. At the end of the season of 2013 David Beckham decided to retire from professional football. During his carrier, David Beckham won 19 major trophies from around the world. He made his first appearance as a professional footballer in 1992 when he debut from Manchester United. People around the world really like David Beckham due to his game play and personality. WE have seen many people who inked their body with different David Beckham Tattoos. For his fans, he is a role model and people love to follow the trends David Beckham likes.

David Beckham & His Life with Tattoos

When David Beckham firstly revealed his tattoos in 2013, he got a total of 32 tattoos but as the time passed his tattoos collection continue to increase and right now he got 40 unique tattoos on his whole body. He inked his sons names on his body and left forearm including his wife’s name as well. Some of these tattoos are in Hindi format, Hebrew style and in English. David Beckham writes his autobiography in which he revealed his thought about his tattoos. He mentions that he thought to inked his body when Brooklyn was born. Brooklyn is his eldest son. David Beckham revealed that most of his tattoos belong to his family and he inked his body with these tattoos to show his love for his wife and sons. If you are looking for more celebrity tattoos than don’t forget to visit Khloe Kardashian Tattoos as well.

David Beckham Tattoos

An overview of David Beckham body. You can identify him easily as a tattoo lover.

David Beckham Tattoos with Meaning

David Beckham got the idea of tattoos from Mel B’s and Jimmy Gulzar and he decided to inked his son’s name on his body in a Gothic theme. It was the time when Brooklyn, his eldest son was born and he bring David Beckham’s first tattoo as well. In 2000 he decided to ink a huge Guardian Angel on his upper back. David Beckham revealed that he inked angel tattoo as a symbol of protection to his family. We can confirmed his claim as angel is watching over Brooklyn’s tattoo.

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