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Elegant Walt Disney’s Simba Lion Tattoos Designs with their Meanings

lion king tattoo designs


Get 5 elegant ideas about Disney’s famous lion king tattoo designs. Lion king is one the famous character in the history of Walt Disney. He also known as Simba. Simba is a fun loving and adventurous character who makes mistakes always but also kept learning from his mistakes. He believe on the philosophy of Hakuna Matata, which means “no worries” in the African language. He lost his kingdom to his demonic uncle and he tries to get his kingdom back with his honesty and bravery and shows the world that he is the real king and king of kings. Since he is a great character liked by both men and women you will love to ink your body with a Disney’s lion king tattoo.

Beautiful Simba Tattoo Designs

As all of you know that lion is king of the jungle and whenever you think of a lion you can’t ignore Simba from famous Disney’s movie Lion King. I asked many people and they tell me that Disney’s best character is Simba. He is the best character ever produced by Walt Disney. As a cub he is a free minded kid and naughty too, as a youngster he is a very passionate teenager but as an adult he challenges his cruel uncle and regain his throne with his bravery, honesty and intelligence. If you are also a fan of Simba than you have a choice to ink your body with any one of the following lion king tattoo designs.

Meaning of Lion King Tattoo Designs

As all of you know that tattoos are commonly text or characters that have an easy to understood story or meaning however some images or symbols have more deep stories. On march 1, Amberlynn Wilson got her first tattoo on her right wrist on his birthday. This tattoo was her own gift to herself. The tattoo consists of both image and text. She draws a lion king tattoo of Simba with a quote above also said by Simba, “Never Forget Who You Are.”
This simple black and white tattoo carries much important message for Wilson, who thinks that according to Simba’s quote you can not change yourself for others and also you can not change your past whatever it is, you have to accept it and move on.

lion king tattoo designs

lion king tattoo designs


lion king tattoo designs

simba tattoo designs

disney lion king tattoo designs

I hope you are also a Simba’s fan and now you have selected your favorite design to ink your body. Don’t forget to share these elegant tattoos with your friends on your social profiles.

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