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12 Piston Tattoo Designs & Ideas Including Skull Theme with Meaning

piston tattoo

Piston Tattoo designs are a great way to ink your body. If you want to scream out masculinity, piston tattoos are a perfect choice for you. Although these are not the mainstream tattoos but still these tattoos are very popular mostly in bikers. In this article you will learn that piston tattoo designs can cover your love and passion about biking. I have seen many bikers who only love to ride Harley Davidson, have inked their bodies with these unique tattoos. By inking these tattoos they show their passion and love about their bikes. It also reflects the hard-work they done to maintain their bikes on their own. You can try Punisher Tattoos along with these tattoos for a great combination.

Meaning of Piston Tattoo Designs

All people, who are in tattoos much agreed that piston tattoos hold a strong symbolic value to those who inked their bodies with these tattoos. As I have already described, these tattoo designs represents masculinity but it also have more symbolizes than this. Your tattoo says it all. Following are some prominent symbolic meanings of these tattoos.

  • Masculinity
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Durability
  • Fearless
  • Speed
  • Dangerous
  • Endurance
  • Wide Open
  • Biker
  • Hogs

Piston Tattoo Designs with Skull and Different Themes

Although their are many different variation and types of piston tattoos are available but the design we are presenting below are some of the best ones. These tattoos can be inked on different part of body in different sizes. This is due to all the different variation of these tattoos. Some time you can portrayed a simple piston design or you can try to use following skull tattoo as well.

These tattoo designs can also be inked in some kind of image like in one of the picture below a girl is riding on a piston. You can see many tattoos with skull theme or fire and flames theme as well. In these cases you can see flames rising around the piston.

Don’t forget to check all the piston tattoo design pictures given in this article. This will give you better idea about these unique tattoos. You can create an idea on your own about these tattoos after watching these pictures

piston tattoo

piston tattoo

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