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19 Brand New Punisher Tattoo Designs Photos

Punisher Tattoo Meaning

Punisher Tattoo designs are mostly famous in military people but many people who know about the character “The Punisher” also love to ink their body with Punisher Skull Tattoos. Today we are sharing 19 latest designs and ideas about Punisher Tattoos. These tattoos are for both men and women and people of every age can print these designs on their bodies.

Punisher Skull Tattoo Designs & Ideas with Pictures

If you are a comic lover than you already have a good introduction of the famous Marvel Comics character The Punisher. His character was introduced to Marvel Comics by Gerry Conway and Stan Lee named his as Punisher. This legend character was first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man # 129 on February 1974.

Punisher Tattoos referred to a hero Frank Castle who fight against crimes like murder, kidnapping, extortion, coercion and torture. In his early life he was a cop and in a reaction of an operation against a gang, his wife and two children were killed by the mob during a shootout in New York City. After this incident Frank Castle was no more and he turns into the punisher. Later he became the worst nightmare for the criminals. Don’t forget to have a look at these Death Before Dishonor Tattoos as well.

Punisher remains a hot trends for movies producers for a long time and first movie about punisher was produced in 1989 where Dolph Lundgren plays the role of The Punisher. In 2004 another movie was launched with the name of The Punisher in which Thomas Jane plays the role of Frank Castle. Later in 2008 a great punisher movie was released as The Punisher War Zone in which Ray Stevenson plays the role of the punisher.

Punisher was not only famous in the movies but from 1990 till now many video games were also launched to pay tribute to amazing character the punisher. Today we are sharing 19 very amazing Punisher Tattoo designs for you. Chose your favorite one to ink your body and show hate to criminals.

Punisher Skull Tattoo Meaning

As I have already described, Punisher had a very harsh experience regarding to his family, he became a brutal killer machine. He destroy every criminal or criminal organization that comes in his way. His brutal nature and killing abilites made his a mainstream character in famous comic books.

The Punisher tattoos refer to show hate to crime or in memory of any one you’ve lost. I have seen many people who really hate criminals and they inked different parts of their bodies with different punisher tattoos. Many people who lost their loving relatives in street crimes are also inking their bodies with these tattoos. We can say that the symbolic meaning of Punisher Tattoos are as following.

  • Love to Relationships
  • Hate to Crimes
  • Show of Strength
  • Show of Emotions

I hope you’ve like these Punisher Tattoo designs. Don’t forget to share these tattoos with your friends on your social profiles.

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