Main Reasons of Tattoo Peeling & Precautions to Prevent Your Tattoo from Peeling

tattoo peeling

Tattoo Peeling is a very common problem among many people who’ve inked their body. Majority of people from low temperature areas are facing peeling problem for there tattoos. Many of our readers asked us to post the reasons behind this issue and solution for this problem. So here we are sharing the main reasons that are causing peeling problem for inked area of your body.

What is Tattoo Peeling

Before we start let me explain what tattoo peeling actually is. Peeling of a tattoo is natural when you made tattoo on your body. Peeling is the reason when an artist made tattoo on your body, needle pierce in your body many time in a very close range, and in this result the immune system in the body send blood and plasma at very space because foreign elements are inserted in your body thru needles. After some time the plasma made a spreading over your required area and made a coating which prevent the wound from bacterial infection. The coating is slightly swollen like blister or less like that. When the wound is in healing process the plasma coating will be on it to save the wound from foreign infection.

The plasma coating on the wound contains optimum moisture for the wound to heal and also seals the moisture in it and plasma cells also help keeping the wound clean. With the passage of time the layer or coating made by the plasma cells will dry and will prevent tattoo peeling. This is the sign that the wound inside has completed its healing process and plasma cells have played their part of healing.

what is tattoo peeling

Common Reasons Behind Peeling of a Tattoo

Basically tattoo peeling is the last stage of the wound healing. When healing is done, the outer layer dries and it’s in the position of shedding that dry layer. This happens because when healing is done our brain send a message to stop regeneration of cells and the plasma cells on those layers and some blood cells are stopped from further process and they became the residue of dead cells. The body sheds that very layer because if there will be more dead cells there will be more chances of cancer in that particular space. So body sheds that particular portion of dead cells.

This is not necessary in tattoo peeling it also happens or more likely say it happens more with the people who have more dandruff than normal persons, but it’s not noticeable sometimes, but it can be noticeable in tattoo peeling and when you have sun burn. In both cases you can see clearly that your body shed the layer of particular portion and brings a new skin underneath it.

reasons behind tattoo peeling

Precautions to Prevent Tattoos Peeling

To prevent tattoo peeling you should take shower twice a day and also clean your tattoo with anti-bacterial soap. Anti-bacterial soap will help you in preventing the infection. Clean your tattoo part with a clean towel and most importantly don’t rub it with the towel clean it gently. After cleaning apply lotion without scent on it, because lotion with the scent contains part of alcohol, and alcohol will dry your wound before time and will cause problem. Apply ointment as recommended.

When your portion is dried from some places it means your tattoo peeling is in progress. Don’t try to remove it by your hand or by self. Let it peel naturally during shower or during washing. If you peel it before time with your hand, your tattoo might fade or there might be a chance that on particular peeled part by your own self, you get faded mark and other tattoo portion will be good.

how to prevent tattoo peeling

Well these were the complete details about tattoo peeling and precautions to prevent it damaging your tattoo. If you are facing any issue about peeling and you are not managing to resolve this issue than do consult your problem with us, We will help you completely free of cost.

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